What is this all about?


Heeeeeeeeey yall

I’m Tamara and I am 21 years old. I am firstly a mother to a beautiful boisterous 2 year old son named Keanu. I am currently  a  student  doing a certificate in real estate and a bachelors degree in business majoring in Accounting . I live in a small town right at the bottom of New Zealand called Invercargill.

Most days I am super busy completing assignments and meeting deadlines and due dates. Other times I like to be creative and explore with my son. And most mornings I put make up on and sing in the mirror.

I absolutely love being busy. All the darn time. I love gardening and like to call myself both a green and brown thumb. Because some plants are great and some do not like me. I love doing DIY projects, propagating plants and propagating succulents. I love taking photo’s of both myself and my son.



I have set up this blog to share with the world what I do in my spare time that may benefit and inform others.

Since my sugar waxing article has had so much interest I thought I might as well set up a youtube channel in addition to this website.

If you would like me to talk about a subject, do a review on a product or simply have questions for me I would be happy to answer and do a video or write in a blog.


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