Regrow your veges with water.

So this is for us mothers or people in general who go shopping for their house holds.  ‘we all know how expensive veges can be.

I brought a leek for $4.00  and a lettuce for $3.00 and to me that is  3 loafs of bread  and a milk ( I run  out of bread and milk quite quickly at my house). Garlic alone is 24.99per kg.

After thinking quite extensively how I can cut cost and minimize my 3 weekly visits to pak’n save for groceries (It is like my second home). I stumbled across this great TOPIC I thought was important to share.

The possibilities are endless and will skim the amount of money spent on groceries.  I am currently growing lettuce, garlic herbs, leek, soaking ginger to plant outside tomorrow morning (Garlic takes a year to double the amount). and you can also re grow a large amount of veges you already have by cutting off the bottom with roots and plating in rich soil outside in the garden (onion for example. Grow many from one)

I put my one bulb of garlic with a bit of water at the end and in four hours the green stem is starting to form. doesn’t the sun work wonders.

Since the price food is ridiculous

The following veges can be grown on your windowsill in a jar with a little water.

Leeks,  scallions and fennel, Garlic, lettuce, bok choy, garlic, ginger, basil potatoes and carrots.


So why not have a go? They’re only scraps right? Haha regrowing veges legendary !









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