What is influenster?? It will make your life that little bit easier

For those who have not heard of Influenster it is a website that is literally a life saver a million times over.

This site is useful, and relied on by a various amount of people worldwide. I will now explain what Influenster does and the benefits if will give you in day to day life.

Influenster is a website where you are able to search a product and find honest reviews from a variety 3 million people. It currently has over 14 million product reviews for a range of categories including beauty, food and beverages, health, pets, family, home, tech and electronics, art and entertainment and retailers and services.

Personally I brought a brand new laptop after reading the reviews from Influenster. And not only does is it useful for my tech needs. It helps me understand the pros and cons about the products I use in my house, in my hair on my body and the makeup I put on my face.

The benefits of using Influenster is that the more you participate in product reviews and competitions you gain points and badges which enable you to have a chance at getting sent a voxbox which is a box full of samples from the surveys you fill out for your personal likes and uses in life these are called snap surveys. You are able to connect your social media account and participate in competitions which add to your points and add a badge to your page which gives you a better chance at getting sent a voxbox.

The biggest benefit if that influenster offer a variety of coupons. SO if you like shopping there is something for everyone

Influenster does not only save you time buying products but informs you about the product and you have the opportunity to have an insight to other peoples experience and opinions about the products that you are also interested in.

Influenster also has specific information about the product which includes price ranges, star reviews, pros and cons, comments from users and personal photo’s each customer or member adds from their experience. You get tips and tricks in which customers give from their pages. It is like a social media page made for every day products isn’t that amazing?

Have you ever been in a shop and seen something you want to buy in my case face products and thought that ‘is that any good’? ‘I have never heard of that product’, ‘should I buy it’?. This is when you go on Influenster and search the product, read the reviews and make an informed decision about trying or buying the product. There is always the option to try a tester but hey not every product has the option to test.

With Influenster you have the opportunity to make informed decisions about products and services. You have the ability to add it to your phone as an app. Seriously how cool is that? you can even scan the barcode of a product.

Note: This is not a sponsored post and the images I have used are from the website.

I encourage every reader to visit this site linked below and I assure you, you will find it as useful as I do .


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